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weather and stuff

To all my friends in Michigan and other cold parts of the world ---

A couple of days ago there was a picture on CNN of a guy in Ann Arbor who had been riding his bicycle [IIRC] and had a lovely mustache that was all covered with icicles. In my convoluted mind, I thought to myself, well, clearly he isn't an athlete for the UofM. [Huh? you say, not being used to the way I think. Well, if he were an athlete for the UofM, he'd be a Wolverine, right? And what should everybody know about wolverine fur? Water doesn't freeze on it. It's a wonderful thing to trim a parka with, because of that. As long as you believe that folks other than wolverines should be allowed to wear wolverine fur, which I don't, as a matter of fact.]

We're having relatively warm weather finally. It was 32 when I got in my car today -- no frost to scrape off the windows. And it's gotten up to 50 the last couple of days. Don't begrudge us the warmth: we've been having an unusually cold and snowy winter. Not as bad as Denver in terms of snow and bitter cold, but cold and snowy for us. [I live on what we call the Western Slope in a small city Talyx called Not On The Way To Anywhere, CO. [I should point out that there's an awful lot of Colorado that's not on the way to anywhere, but this is certainly the city most removed from the way to anywhere I've ever lived in.]]

So the snow is melting and mud is happening. We still have an ice lake at the foot of our driveway and on part of our sidewalk. Three things contribute to this: [1] It is my responsibility to shovel the sidewalk and I do a poor job. When I do it at all, which I pretty much didn't after the third snowstorm. [2] The sidewalk is on the north side of the house and we have a large spruce tree occupying a fair chunk of the front yard. Therefore, the stretch in question doesn't get as much sun as, say, the houses across the street. [3] The drainage is bad anyway. Even the guy next door -- who does a wonderful and conscientious job on his sidewalk every time -- has bits of ice lake at the foot of his driveway.

On another paw, I heard a Western Meadowlark this morning, the first I've noticed this year. I had noticed the Red-winged Blackbirds and the House Finches tuning up the last few days [as well as some birds whose voices I don't recognize], but meadowlarks are special. For one thing, the significant other really, really likes them. [So I called the SO at work to communicate the news.]

Also, the days are getting longer. Spring may come.


Mmmm, wolverine hoods for Durc! ;)
great gray owl

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