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great gray owl


p. 260 [the British edition]

"Anoia, Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers," said the woman. "Pleased to meet you." She took another puff at the flaming cigarette, and there were more sparks. Some of them dropped on the floor, but didn't seem to do any damage.

"There's a goddess just for that?" said Tiffany.

"Well, I find lost corkscrews and things that roll under furniture," said Anoia, off-handedly. "Sometimes things that get lost under sofa cushions, too. They want me to do stuck zips, and I'm thinking about that. But mostly I manifest whensoever people rattle stuck drawers and call upon the gods." She puffed on her cigarette. "Got any tea?"

"But I didn't call on anyone!"

"You did," said Anoia, blowing more sparks. "You cussed. Sooner or later, every curse is a prayer." She waved the hand that wasn't holding the cigarette and something in the drawer went _pling_. "It'll be all right now. It was a fish slice. Everyone has one, and no one knows why. Did anyone in the world ever knowingly go out one day and buy a fish slice? I don't think so."

Tiffany tried the drawer. It slid out easily.

[skip some wonderful stuff]

"Is it ... hard, being a goddess?"

"It has its good days," said Anoia. She stood with her cigarette cupped at the elbow by her other hand, holding the flaming sparking thing close to her face. Now she took a sharp pull, raised her head and blew a cloud of smoke out to join the smog on the ceiling. Sparks fell out of it like rain. "I haven't been doing drawers long. I used to be a volcano goddess."

"Really?" said Tiffany. "I'd never have guessed."

"Oh, yes. It was good work, apart from the screaming," said Anoia, and then added, in a bitter tone of voice: "Ha! And the god of storms was always raining on my lava. That's men for you, dear. They rain on your lava."

p. 284 [the British edition]

"According to Chaffinch," she said, with the _Mythology_ open on her lap at the picture of the Summer Lady, "the god Blind Io created the Cornucopia from a horn of the magical goat Almeg to feed his two children by the goddess Bisonomy, who was later turned into a shower of oysters by Epidity, god of things shaped like potatoes, after insulting Resonata, the goddess of weasels, by throwing a mole at her shadow. It is now the badge of office of the Summer Goddess."


It's always nice to know who your goddess is. I shall be praying to Resonata from now on. [I'm willing to bet she does all us mustelidae.]

(For those not in The Know [this is a different Know than the Pratchett publishing Know], my actual really-and-truly first name [check my driver's licence] is Otter. My parents had nothing to do with this, but they afflicted me with a useless first name, and by the time I got around to doing something about it, they were both beyond being offended. I sincerely hope.)


great gray owl

April 2013

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